St. Louis Depression Counseling

St. Louis Depression Counseling

St. Louis Depression Counseling

Most likely, everyone will experience feeling depressed one time or another during their lifetime.  We’re all prone to feel the blues occasionally.  A person may feel depressed for an obvious reason, or no apparent reason at all.  Well-meaning family and friends may tell you that “it could be worse” or that “you’ll snap out of it.”  But truly depressed persons know better.

If you’re suffering from depression in St. Louis, we can show you how to live again.

Part of the difficulty in wrestling with depression is that we try unsuccessfully to tell ourselves that there is just no reason to be so.  When we honestly survey our lives, we may find that we are successful, loved, and supported.  Yet, there is still an inner emptiness.

It doesn’t have to stay that way.  We can help!

Here are 4 myths about depression, and facts we think will help you understand things better.

  • Myth: Depressed people are weak.  They just need to pull themselves together, and there’s nothing anyone else can do to help.
  • Fact: Depression is not a weakness, but a serious illness, and persons suffering from it need professional treatment for depression in St. Louis. A trained therapist or counselor can help them learn more positive ways to think about themselves, change behavior, cope with problems, or handle relationships. A physician can prescribe medications to help relieve the symptoms of depression. For many people, a combination of psychological therapy and medication is beneficial.
  • Myth: Talking about depression only makes it worse.
  • Fact: Keeping things bottled up doesn’t work very well, and it isn’t likely to start working soon.  Talking about depression with a professional can help tremendously.  Talking with a friend or relative is a good start, and that friend or relative should recommend counseling.  This doesn’t mean, however, that a depressed person should dump everything on one person, as they’re not trained to handle things effectively.  If you are a friend/loved one of a depressed person, listen without offering advice, and then help guide the person toward counseling – that’s all you need to do!
  • Myth: People who talk about suicide don’t commit suicide.
  • Fact: Many people who commit suicide have given warnings to friends and family. A signal or warning may be a statement such as “I wish I were dead,” “I can’t take it anymore, I want out,” or “My parents would be better off without me.” Some people even tell a friend about a plan to kill themselves before they actually do. If a friend talks like this, take it seriously!
  • Myth: Telling someone that a friend might be depressed is betraying a trust. If someone wants help, he or she will get it.
  • Fact: Depression, which saps energy and self-esteem, interferes with a person’s ability or wish to get help. Many people may not understand the seriousness of depression or of thoughts of death or suicide. It is an act of friendship to share your concerns with a trusted individual.

There’s no reason you have to continue to suffer.  Let us help.  Call today.


Depression is not an accidental.  It’s not uncontrollable!  We know how to deal with it and to help you get your sanity back, even if it feels like there’s no hope.  Crippling depression does not have to rule your life – change is possible!

St. Louis Counseling Therapy Change, Inc.

At Change, Inc. St. Louis Counseling Therapy

We want you to be revitalized…renewed…restored.  We believe in you…and we believe that CHANGE is possible!  Call us today and you can begin your new journey this week!  Don’t waste another minute!


Our therapists aren’t just expert counselors – they’re agents of change!  They can help you reduce your depression, gain happiness, learn to see life more positively, and generally, feel better!

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