St. Louis Christian Counseling

St. Louis Christian Counseling

Christianity has given hope and life to millions of people throughout the world for hundreds of years.  It is capable of deeply moving the hearts and minds of Christian believers, and people from all walks of life are drawn to it by its capacity to heal and refresh.

Real, non-judgmental St. Louis Christian counseling is available for you.

But being a Christian doesn’t insulate you from the trials of life.  As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ promised in scripture that trouble would persist.  Many times our faith in itself may be enough to power us through situations.  Still other times, we need something to help bolster our faith when we are hurt, overwhelmed, and confused.  If you’re living in St. Louis as a person of faith and find yourself in need of help, Change, Inc. St. Louis Christian Counseling will help.

Whatever you’re struggling with, we won’t judge or condemn you.

As Christians, we often have high standards for ourselves, including those set forth in the Bible.  When we fall short, we feel ashamed and scared to admit that we need help.  Ironically, this tends to bind us to our problems.  Scripture is also clear that healing is experienced in community, and in a network of relationships with others.  You have nothing of which to be ashamed!

We know how to help.

Real Christians have real problems. Among them the need for help with:

Let us help.  Call today!

We understand the integral role of your faith in helping shape who you are and you you want to be, as well as the changes you’ve been wanting to make.  We weren’t created to do life alone.  Don’t try to do it by yourself anymore!

St. Louis Counseling Therapy Change, Inc.

At Change, Inc. St. Louis Christian Counseling

We want you to be revitalized…renewed…restored.  We believe in you…and we believe that CHANGE is possible!  Call us today and you can begin your new journey this week!  Don’t waste another minute!


Our therapists aren’t just expert counselors – they’re agents of change!  For Christians, knowing the author of true change can make all the difference in the world!

Looking for St. Louis Christian Counseling or a Christian Counselor in St. Louis?

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We can schedule you immediately!

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