St. Louis Career Counseling

St. Louis Career Counseling

St. Louis Career CounselingLiving for the weekend may have been normal while we’re in college, but by the time we get out, we anticipate that we’ll have a more productive view of our work.  This is especially true when you consider that in 2010, the average American worked 7.5 hours per day.  Over the course of a lifetime, this means roughly 20% of our lives is spent working!

Are you working your passion?  Or are you just trying to make ends meet?

In her book, “Following the Path: The Search for a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Joy,” respected mentor Joan Chittister says, “Clearly, what we are meant to do in life never really stops biting at our heels.  Our unfinished selves never stop calling to us…It can take years before it becomes clear…which is why, perhaps, so few people end up in professional fields they were prepared for…but, if truth were known, [they] never really wanted in the deepest parts of the heart of them.”  A St. Louis Career coach can guide you  to what you’re meant to do!

Don’t believe it’s too late to live out your vocational dreams!

Even in uncertain economic times, people are still finding a way to live their dreams.  This doesn’t mean you quit your job when you have a family to support, but smaller, more realistic steps can still be made toward finding the career you’re passionate about.  And yet, it may take some larger steps as well.

The first step in finding achieving your goals is to get help!

Here are 4 signs you may need Change, Inc. St. Louis Career Coaching:

1. Your thoughts about career are strictly 9-5.

People who love their work thrive in and and find their minds running to it throughout the day.  This isn’t workaholism (an unhealthy fixation with work), but rather, passion.  If you find yourself loathe to go to sleep at night because the beginning of the work day will roll around to soon, or counting the hours down after lunch every day, St. Louis Career Counseling can help.

2. Perks don’t work.

Many people reach a rough point in their careers when they’re not being properly incentivized, or the things they’re incentivized by change.  But if your company could give you more dollars, more recognition, or some other slew of incentives, and you’d still find yourself feeling stranded and despondent at work, career counseling in St. Louis is likely a good fit.  No one is expecting you to be a rock when it comes to your partner’s actions, but you’ll need to learn to own your feelings.  Once you learn to own the way you feel, you’re on the road toward feeling better!

3.  Excuses-a-Plenty

When it gets so bad that you’ll find almost any excuse to use a vacation day or a seek day, or even take time off-work without pay, it would be wise to seek career counseling.

4.  Other areas are suffering

One of the most difficult symptoms of unhealthy work life is that other areas start to be affected.  Family and friends notice you’re not yourself, arguments at home are really about work stress, etc.  If this is going on, it is a good indicator you need to find a career counselor in St. Louis.

St. Louis Career CounselingThere’s no reason your relationship can’t grow, even if it seems hopeless.  Don’t give up – let us help! Call today.

Needing to make a change at work doesn’t make you a bad person.  It doesn’t mean you have no work ethic or are lazy.  In fact, it may mean just the opposite! You can have the vocation you’ve always wanted!  We know how to deal with career difficulties and to help you get on track toward your goals, even if you don’t know where to begin.  Change is possible!

St. Louis Counseling Therapy Change, Inc.

At Change, Inc. St. Louis Counseling Therapy

We want you to be revitalized…renewed…restored.  We believe in you…and we believe that CHANGE is possible!  Call us today and you can begin your new journey this week!  Don’t waste another minute!


Our therapists aren’t just expert counselors – they’re agents of change!  They can help you improve your career trajectory, build on positive thinking, and help you adjust any other areas you’d like to work on too!

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